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Juli, 2014
September, 2014
my journey
I confess...
12.09.2014 08:07:32
that I'm very lousy in writing a blog. But here on Hawaii there's so much to explore, I almost do not find the time to write.
05.09.2014 06:55:23


We finally have done it, my brother and me. We met each other in Santa Monica. Last year I was visiting LA together with my daughters and Lorenz. At the same time Ady, that’s my brother’s name, and his family were in Switzerland. He has three amazing kids, there’s always a big tohuwabohu when they are around, so much energy!

But there’s also Mario. I still couldn’t find out what the official name is for our relationship. Son of my ex-wife is too long, too much information. Stepson comes the closest I think, even when it’s not totally correct. I made the suggestion that I could call him friend but he didn’t really liked that. He has a postdoc at the Caltech in Pasadena and is living in a nice studio up in the Glendale hills with a great view over Los Angeles.

I'm ready
05.09.2014 06:36:43


Leaving home wasn’t that easy. To know that I won’t see my closest people for almost two month made me sad somehow. I wrote a little goodbye on our communication wall. Hibiscus flower and the aloha. And then the wall on the morning, I left. Heart-warming!

21.07.2014 18:59:59
A big hello to everyone reading this blog and following my journey to Hawaii. 
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